The truth – Imed Boudali

This article was created to share the truth about certain individuals. Please be aware of this person, he is known for criminal activities.

About Imed Boudali
Full Name: Imad Eddine Mohamed Boudali
Nationality: Arab
Living in: Algeria
Age: 27
Date of birth: 01 December 1991

Mid 2017, Imed Boudali joined the NVO Project, a decentralized project which aims to build a decentralized economy. Mr. Boudali was no Co-Founder at any stage of the project. 

Mr. Boudali was responsible for the development of the decentralized exchange. Unfortunately he failed to do so. There is no proof of work available. If source code exists, it is not open source.

Mr. Boudali refuses to hand out any sort of information about his development progress which draws suspicion.

Imed Boudali with his passport — retrieved from BitcoinTalk

Imad Eddine Mohamed Boudali — retrieved from BitcoinTalk
Birth Certificate — retrieved from BitcoinTalk

NVO Project – Spreading false information

Mr. Boudali is also known to distribute false information to the investors. A recent example is shown below. The conversation was about the ongoing vote that started in mid August, deciding about the future standing and development of the project due to the loss of trust in the team.


Mr. Boudali mentions that he only received 75 BTC for the further development. This statement was also proven to be invalid. During June & Juli 2018, Mr. Boudali received a total of 170 BTC.


FYI: The bitcoin address can be requested in the Telegram Chat as other users are informed about this. The address starts with: 1w8UL […]

25th January 2017 – Escrow Service Creation

On the 25th of January 2017, Mr. Boudali created the thread “Re: [Service] Escrow Service | New Escrow by nemgun | No Fees“. Mr. Boudali wanted to create his own Escrow Serive, but failed to launch it. He also tried to hide the threads by deleting them.

A user wrote:


Safe Network Forum — unprofessional behaviour towards other individuals

The NVO team wanted to use the MaidSafe blockchain when they kicked off the project. There is enough material available in the SafeNetwork Forum. The article provides the most important screenshots of the conversations, showing Mr. Boudali’s inability to have a conversation with individuals, who have already established themselves in the blockchain sphere.

Due to a not released blockchain, the NVO team decided to create their own blockchain. Also this was a part of Mr. Boudali’s task. Again, there is no proof of work that the blockchain was actually in development.

Mr. Boudali requested the removal of the thread to hide his activities and hold up his reputation.

Forging documents from the escrows

On the 3rd of August 2018, Mr. Boudali was caught trying to forge the signature of the escrow service as well as a document.

On top, Mr. Boudali spread the rumour that he used personal funds to develop the dex, which is a invalid statement, officially confirmed by the escrow service.


Selling DVD’s on Facebook


Accusing a team member of stealing 5,000 Bitcoin

Mr. Boudali filed a report against a team member known under the name Yanni. The accusation was stealing 5,000 Bitcoin.

Furthermore, users found the full document, the source is unknown.
A translation of the report is given below:

Well 1st so sorry about the stolen funds…skimming through the screen shots you sent it says nothing about the ico…
it does mention money was stolen and something about identity theft…dont see any refrence to the ICO or company

  • Both the accused were residing at the complainer’s residence on the 17/06/2018 at 2 AM.
  • I’m assuming this is Abdel Hameed Ahmed Yanees Hamany was suffering from a sudden illness while the 1st accused person was sleeping
  • The complainer went out at night to look for food for the 2nd accused person as he had diabetes
  • Upon the complainer’s return to the residence, he did not find either of the accused in the residence
  • The complainer immediately proceeded to investigate and look for both the accused by call multiple hospitals and security posts “assuming police stations”

Previous projects of Imed Boudali

Mr. Boudali had heaps of blockchain projects in the past, where the majority (90%) of the projects were labeled as scam.

Previous projects included Blumed & StakeCoin.
You can find all the necessary information about his activities on BitcoinTalk

BluMedEx – 2016

Mr. Boudali created the project, BluMedEx, in  Mid 2016. To draw attention to his ICO he used the Poloniex logo against their will.
BitcoinTalk Link

A Poloniex team member had to ask Mr. Boudali to remove the logo. His statement to another user was: “Noted, we will solve the logo problem shortly. it was mainly to make a nice page, instead of typing them.”

Furthermore, Mr. Boudali valued his project at around $130 million without any significant achievements made.

User’s highly doubted the project, among others due to the insufficient information and the domain:

Towards the end of the project conversation on BitcoinTalk and after negative responses from users/potential investors, Mr. Boudali decided to write something rather general as found in Google: “We learned a lot from your feedbacks and you can be sure that we will go back and adapt our project. Our main concern is to setup a confidence relation with who ever is interested in our project. Expect a lot of surprises”.

After the Pre-ICO announcement, nothing else followed – no ICO, no communication.




Destroying the relationship to the marketer
Every contact that was referred to Mr. Boudali ended up lost. The next view heading will show it.
The person, who’s name is blocked out due to security reasons, was the NVO Project marketer & is overall well established in the blockchain industry. After he tried to do some research on Mr. Boudali, Mr. Boudali released the following sentence.


MobileGo – a referred contact for XENIO

A MobileGo contact was referred to Mr. Boudali. Unfortunately he handled the the conversation in a very unprofessional manner as seen below.


EnjinCoin — a Potential Partnership Lost

EnjinCoin was referred to the NVO Team to help them with their ICO. Due to Mr. Boudali’s incompetence and aggressive behaviour towards other individuals, the EnjinCoin team decided to discontinue further communication with Mr. Boudali. Below you will find screeenshots of the BitcoinTalk conversation, or you can check out the full conversation here.

BitcoinTalk — Enjincoin
BitcoinTalk — Enjincoin

Video Conference with Imed Boudali about the NVO Project

This is a recent video, taken on the 8th of August 2018. After roughly 23 participants involved in a Zoom conference, explaining the current situation — 2 users managed to get hold of Mr. Boudali and organize a Skype Conference with him.

During the video conference, Mr. Boudali captured his screen & a user managed to get hold of this information through filming it.

This is a payment to GloboTech. GloboTech is a well established and highly professional company. The problem about this note is that it is written in broken french, meaning that there is a very high likeliness that this document is faked.

A user translated the document and stated the following:
“Even considering it has been auto translated, syntax and simple orthograph mistakes are too huge to not notice. I don’t consider it being a real email from GloboTech”

Mr. Boudali refused to gain access to any of his developments. Mr. Andriopoulos is a developer. We was willing to give access to the source code.

Also Mr. Boudali refused to hand over the domain ( to the escrows. This is considered as very suspicious behaviour.

Begging for money on BitcoinTalk

This was a while back, to be exact; in 2016. It can be understood that when Mr. Boudali first introduced himself in the blockchain sphere that he begged for coins / tokens on BitcoinTalk.
Evidence can be found here: BitcoinTalk

Terms of Service — EnjinCoin

This paragraph is about miscommunication as well as the distribution of false information. The conversation was about the Terms of Service document cost, which roughly estimated costs around $500 to $5000. Mr. Boudali on the other hand opened a calculation with unknown factors and summed the cost up to $400,000.

Conversation between Mr. Boudali & Mr. Radomski

XENIO.IO — A new & failed project

Mr. Boudali kicked off a new project, pre-announced back in 2017. They stated that the code will be open sourced, nevertheless the GitHub repository does not exist anymore.
Link to Github

Imed Boudali — XENIO

To clarify this once more, Imed Boudali was not at any stage of the NVO Project considered as a Co-Founder. He started introducing himself to the community without official confirmation from the other team members. Therefore this is an invalid statement.

There also seems to be a problem with his statement about “Software developer for the past 12 years”

Throughout some video conferences as well as phone calls between investors and Mr. Boudali, specific questions about the code were asked. Mr. Boudali failed to answer any of those questions. Instead he started to smile & abuse the situation by not directly answering the investor’s questions.

It is highly doubt that he has been a developer.

As seen below, Mr. Boudali & a user known by the name “radiumsoup” are currently planning another ICO. This is an alarming sign. Please be aware of this.

Discord Conversation

Discord Conversation

Behaviour towards investors

Mr. Boudali’s behaviour towards investors was not upright in any stage of the NVO Project.


A user managed to get hold of Mr. Boudali. He offered the user to organize a skype meeting to talk about the current development progress as well as show insight on the user interface of the products.

Unfortunately those were all false promises.

The story of Veserus, the centralized exchange

Veserus is a product of Mr. Boudali. There has been a lot of confusion about it as well. It all started off with the introduction of a centralized exchange adding to the NVO economy.
On the 19th of December 2017, he stated that the exchange will be licensed in Dubai. More than 8 months have passed since this statement. Nothing happened. Literally nothing. The country where it should be licensed has been changed to Malta roughly in June/July 2018. Again, nothing seems to have happened.
Also Mr. Boudali didn’t provide any proof of work, not even a user interface layout for the investors.

Feel free to visit



All the information provided in this article was confirmed by one or more individuals. All the screenshots are legit. This material was saved over the past months, prooving that Imed Boudali is involved in several criminal activities. Forging documents, lying to investors were only a small part of his illegal activites.
If you should ever find in the situation to trust this person, please be aware of all the things stated above.


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